» » Musica Rilassante (2017)

Musica Rilassante (2017)

Musica Rilassante (2017)

Красивая инструментальная мозаика релакс музыки в сборнике "Musica Rilassante". Музыка этой пластинки развивается размеренно и неторопливо, успокаивая сердце и разум. Размеренный и умиротворённый звук композиций лонгплея перенесёт Вас на берег океана под ласковое солнце и тёплый бриз с терпким запахом морской пены.

Категория: Compilated
Исполнитель: Various Artist
Название: Musica Rilassante
Страна: SP
Лейбл: Chill Area
Жанр музыки: Chillout, Lounge, Downtempo
Дата релиза: 2017
Количество композиций: 140
Формат | Качество: MP3 | 320 kpbs
Продолжительность: 11 :00 :29
Размер: 1550 mb (+3% )

Список композиций:
001. Essence Lovetrip - I Saw You There
002. The Excentric Cosmonauts - Inspiration Station
003. Levantis - Crimson Horizon
004. Man Without Voice - Spring Time
005. Wagu - Mansion Of The Sea
006. Earth Dream - Forest Stream
007. Van - Morning in Jaipur
008. Ambient Groovebox - Breaking Free
009. Lalo Narciso - In My System (Long Dinner Mix)
010. Passengers of the Asteroid - Asian Sensation
011. Power Shui - Scent of Water
012. Soft Senses - Go for It
013. The Water Tribe - Coffee House
014. Passengers of the Asteroid - Morning Glory
015. Blank & Jones - Adios Ayer (With Zoe Dee)
016. Man Without Voice - Panem Breathing
017. Ambience Soul - Body Bizarre
018. Rick Dragon - So Long
019. Liquid Crystal - Tramway Passenger
020. Man Without Voice - Love Marks
021. Chill Factory - Keep on Moving
022. The Excentric Cosmonauts - Zen Forest
023. Exit Gravity - Chess Men
024. Man Without Voice - Stream Team
025. Calar Del Sole - Broken Glass
026. Ambient Groovebox - Sweet Spots
027. Blake Jerold - Mars Allow (Chillout Mix)
028. Man Without Voice - String Theory
029. Ambientales - Floatation
030. The Excentric Cosmonauts - Playful African Stream
031. Liquid Crystal - Vienna Nights
032. Rick Dragon - Speech Bubbles
033. Sundowner - Last Night (feat. Mahara)
034. Passengers of the Asteroid - Game Plan
035. Den Gordy - Few Cha (Champagne & Limousine Mix)
036. Passengers of the Asteroid - Home in the Woods
037. Wagu - Natural Happiness
038. Ambient Groovebox - Awake
039. Vladi Strecker - Midnight Ocean
040. Rick Dragon - Electric
041. Liquid Crystal - Danube Dreams
042. The Magical Corner - Laguna
043. Foundations - Comfort
044. Tamon - Grapeyards
045. Visions in Blue - High In The Sky (Downbeat Version)
046. Keith Goodwin - Good Enough (On the Lake Mix)
047. The Water Tribe - Living In A Castle
048. Asian Chill Art - Tokio Temptation (Smooth Fingers Cut)
049. Bennie Cullen - Lying Down (The Grand Chill Mix)
050. Blank & Jones - Chilled Cream
051. Liquid Crystal - Cruising Down The River
052. Interior Beats - Green Blink (Nigh O' Phonic Mix)
053. Dousk - Anagram
054. Wagu - Star-Shine
055. Mister Misterious - Still Dancing in My Head
056. Frank Borell - Down 2 Dusk
057. Astro Men - Spring Time Beauty
058. Peter Pearson - The Heart of It
059. Liquid Crystal - Shaded Nights
060. Kamill Le Jarvin - We Own the Night
061. Thierry David - Hong Kong Lounge
062. The Whizpera - Sleeping Dogs
063. Robien M - Catch a Glimpse
064. Lucidity - Long Island Ice Tea
065. Igor Pumphonia - Music Forever
066. Amakipkip - Airport Lounge
067. Cosmique Beats - Long Journey (Universal Mix)
068. Harmony Nature Sounds Academy - Scary Howling Wolf
069. The Cosmic Background - Stuck In A Lift
070. Makina Jane - 2 Much (Rain Mix)
071. Stendahl feat. Jama - Follow Me (Original Mix)
072. Dragonfly - Don't Bother
073. KASSEO - In Your Eyes
074. Natural Surroundings Academy - Meditation in the Forest
075. Random Electrics - The Magic Bus
076. Markus Hillfinstein - Sign of Aging (Cool Mix)
077. Mystic Diversions - Dance Of The Seven Veils
078. Wagu - Tragic Visions
079. Mr. Moonlights - Wild Berries (Fusion Dee's Chillout Mix)
080. Wagu - Architecture of Sound
081. Astro Men - Earthly Kingdom
082. Zen Soothing Sounds of Nature - Soft Rain with Tibetan Bells
083. Skye Dream - Urban Safari
084. Don Solaris - Giant Good (Sunset Mix)
085. Skye Dream - Pink Lady
086. Relaxing Spa Music Zone - Nature at Night
087. Tamon - Concrete Gardens
088. Amakipkip - Flex
089. Henry Kent - Good Moods
090. Montecarlo Hotel Project - One Night on the Moon (Riviera Mix)
091. Natural Meditation Guru - Green Noise
092. Skye Dream - Jetlag Blues
093. Cut Groove - Arrival Sunday (Forever in Love Mix)
094. Amakipkip - Under The Moonlight
095. Maximilian Cox - The Cleaner (Red Carpet Mix)
096. Slowhand Bodwin - Hot Summer
097. Elton Dumont - Close to Me (Deep Voyage Mix)
098. Next Project - Seeks and Finds (Chill Institute's Lovers Mix)
099. Count of Montecristo - It's Never Too Late (Mar Tirreno Mix)
100. Michel Haimann - Point by Point (Airplanes Mix)
101. Coffee Time - Until Late (Chillout Sector Mix)
102. Relaxing Nature Sounds Collection - Night Tropical Frogs
103. Karmo, Charma - Push the Button (Carisma Mix)
104. Le Chillout Motel - Shell It Down (Aperitif Mix)
105. David Marquee - Right Here (Piano & Style Chillout Mix)
106. Nature Music Sanctuary - Night Ambient
107. Flavius Handerman - Last Drop (On the Lake Mix)
108. Kamill Le Jarvin - No Name (Third Mix)
109. Markus Lotus - Got No Shorty (French Lips Mix)
110. Moan Nind - Fly Away Now (Room 69's Mix)
111. Chill Classic - King of Hearts (Richmann Chillout Mix)
112. Cosmique Beat - All Off (The Marquee Mix)
113. Crystal Soul - Good Bait (Melt & Vee's Night Mix)
114. Innocent Dreams - Who Are You (Rosarossa's Chillout Mix)
115. Blue Soul System - Blue Strings (Crystal Soul's Chillout Mix)
116. Dann Merryll - Something Borrowed (Tom Tyrrell's n.Y.C. Mix)
117. Jaques Redemport - Ghost Castle (North Ray Mix)
118. Frank Florent - Should Have Done (5th Avenue Mix)
119. Chill Magic - Make It Possible (Sensational Mix)
120. Martin Anthony - Small Love (Red Karisma Mix)
121. Larsen Lasan - Under Pressure (Chill Potion Mix)
122. Alexius Gabrikov - 3 Minutes or Less (Blonde Mix)
123. Maldives Beach Ensemble - My Flowers (Chill Waves Mix)
124. Ambiental Love - I Remember My River (The Blue Sofa's Lounge Mix)
125. M.S. Ensemble - Mood Swings (Tony Alvin's Piano Mix)
126. Light From South - How Blue (Geneve Longlake Mix)
127. Mister Misterious - Get out the Door (Heaven Mix)
128. Capturing Lounge Project - Never Give In (Chillout Waves Mix)
129. Manila Beach Ensemble - Girls of Cardboard (East View Chillout Mix)
130. Chill Reverberation Project - Shades of Grey (Montreaux Night Mix)
131. Four Guys - Nature Control (Melody Mix)
132. Don Solaris - Yours Sincerely (Combined Mix)
133. Atmospherical 45 - Au Contraire (George Cutrupo's Xylophonic Jazz Mix)
134. Chaz Nelson - Level Funk (Oscar Barros's Piano Dreaming Mix)
135. Antibe Coast - Dirty Sound (Atlantic Avenue's Soul Mix)
136. Nightbar - Bossa Pa Ti (Brazilian Night Mix)
137. Louis Camberra - Catarina (Blue Ocean Waves Mix)
138. Evolution of Chill - Man City (Blue Hole Mix)
139. Mondo Chill - Love Shack (Midnight Mix)
140. Interior Beats - Reason to Live (Sergej Moon Mix)

Скачать: Musica Rilassante (2017)

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